Jo Malon Tudor Rose and Amber - The Fragrance Fit for a Queen

Where you tempted by Rock the Ages?
Who doesn't love Jo Malone? The fragrances are so unique and beautiful, for my 21st birthday I was spoiled an received 2 bottles of my parents, English Pear and Freesia, and Earl Grey and Cucumber. When the limited edition Rock the Ages collection came out, I was desperate to get my hands on one of them, and after winning some vouchers from work I spoiled myself to a lovely bottle of Tudor Rose and Amber.

Jo Malone always goes the extra mile with their fragrances.
Whilst I was waiting for my vouchers, I went into the store to give them a good sniff! It was so hard to choose as they are all so incredible and unique. Despite thinking it would be the one I likes the least, Tudor Rose and Amber stole my heart with it's deeply sensual yet fruity notes. It will come as no surprise that rose absolute is the main scent in this beauty, but don't be put off if you don't like rose as this is not your typical floral! For those who are wondering what amber smells like, know that it is an accord created from a combination of benzoin, labdanum, and vanilla. It provides a wonderful warmth to the fragrance, and for me, makes it perfect for the evening. Other notes include pink pepper and cloves (top notes) that are fresh yet spicy on first spritz, ginger in the middle notes, and patchouli and white musk base notes.

Of course Jo Malone kept the bottles classy, understated yet beautiful, they offer little a reflections of the eras they represent. Tudor Rose and Amber has swapped the traditional colours for a deep burgundy red embellished with gold. The silver lid has been wrapped in lush red velvet that adds an extra touch of luxury, that is certainly worth the extra £2. Even the packaging comes with a golden sea stamped with the Jo Malone extra, this is defiantly a collectible you will want to keep!

What's your favourite Rock the Ages Fragrance?
What I love most about the Rock the Ages Collection is the thought behind each perfume and the story they tell. The Tudor Rose is a symbol of royalty and Henry the 8th probably the most famous King in British history. In contrast to the luxury, the era was also famed for it's dirty streets and blood shed. Here we have a fragrance that is luxurious yet full of scandal. There is a beautiful elegance about it, but it is wrapped in sensuality. It makes me want to want to put on a long elegant dress wear vampy lipstick, and embody a beautiful but cunning woman.

£42 is not cheap for a perfume, but the collection is worth it. It's limited edition and the fragrances are so unique, your not just buying a perfume but a story. If your looking to get one of the bottles and haven't already, DO IT SOON! They are selling out quickly and once they are gone, they will be gone!


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