Bourjois Delice de Poudre Duo and a Different Kind of Chocolate

Have you tried anything from the Bourjois Bronzing Range?

I have been buying a number of products from Bourjois lately, as a brand they have really been impressing me and when a 3 for 2 is on in Boots, how could I resist buying this awarding winning chocolaty goodness?

The Delice de Poudre Duo is a bronzing and highlighting powder block infused with a chocolate scent, with all that excitement from Easter, anything chocolate gets my vote! In all honesty I think the packaging could be bit nicer, it's just a cardboard box that opens to reveal the two powders that are shaped like bars of chocolate. It would of been nice to see a box that reminded me more of a luxurious box of chocolates (although I suppose this is a budget product), at least it has strong magnets to ensure the lid stays closed. When I first opened the lid, the heavenly chocolate scent hit me hard and I almost wanted to eat the two little powders inside. Unfortunately the smells fades as time goes on, and it is barely recognisable anymore. 

Would you be satisfied with the cheap packaging?

I do think that Bourjois need to update their UK site, as I can not even find this product on there and it's also quite hard to navigate. All I can really find on the product is that is subtly iridescent, has flecks of gold in it, and of course smells of chocolate. I'm guessing the chocolate is just a fragrance and it does not actually contain cocoa like the Too Faced products.

The flecks of gold are not obvious on the skin but give a radiant finish

The two little powders inside are both perfect for my pale skin tone, and work really well together for contouring and creating a summer style glow! The bronzer looks matt yet luminous and you can see the flecks of gold in the box, but don't worry, they don't translate onto the skin. I was worried at first as the bronzer looks quite orange in colour, but when applied and blended out, it has the prefect sun-kissed colour that looks natural and healthy when applied for colour, or can be built up under the cheek bones, temples etc for contouring. The powder is really soft and smooth to touch and blends really easily onto the skin. I find my brushes (real techniques mainly) don't pick up a lot of product so you do have to layer it when contouring.

Would this duo work for you?

Unlike the bronzer, the highlighter is super shimmery champagne colour with a pearl iridescent with what appears to be a hint of light pink. This powder also has flecks of gold which I have found produces a light trail of glitter on the skin. It's a shimmery powder, but I think it works well if your going for a sun-kissed or more glamorous look, it's probably a bit much to be considered natural. It reflects the light really well and makes a huge difference when contouring. Again, the texture is really soft and bendable, although I would say it picks up on a brush more easily, so you don't need to layer much.

What is your go to product for contouring?

Overall it's a nice little product, it's just a shame about the cheap packaging and the decline of the chocolaty smell. At £7.99/16g, it's defiantly a budget product pale girls can take advantage of when it comes to getting a defined face or a golden glow, I imagine it may not work as well on darker tones. If your looking for budget I would defiantly recommend this, if you have a bit more to spend it may be worth splashing out on something that's a bit more luxurious. 


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